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Birthdate:May 16
Location:Santa Clarita, California, United States of America
My name is Laura. I am 23 years old. I've been happily taken since 2009 to my college sweetheart! Currently living in Santa Clarita, California. I hold an AS in Early Childhood Education. I am a full time college student currently working on my bachelors degree in Child Adolescent and Family Studies and in the future my Special Education Teaching Credential. I am pursuing a career as a Special Education Preschool Teacher.
♥ Epica ♥ Delain ♥ Lacuna Coil ♥ Sirena ♥ After Forever ♥ Opeth ♥ Sonata Arctica ♥ Amaranthe ♥ Katatonia ♥ Kamelot ♥ Nightwish ♥ Within Temptation ♥ The Agonist ♥ The Birthday Massacre ♥ Incubus ♥ ReVamp ♥ Five Finger Death Punch ♥ System of a Down ♥ Iron Maiden ♥ Apocalyptica ♥ Coheed & Cambria ♥ Drowing Pool ♥ In Flames ♥ Flyleaf ♥ In This Moment ♥ Kingfisher Sky ♥.
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i enjoy spending my time baking, cooking, listening to music. I enjoy going to concerts, headbanging & rocking out! I also love photography and love taking photos and capturing the moments on film! I also enjoy graphic designing during my spare time.watching movies, camping, and archery to name a few. I am also a gamer(old Nintendo 1980's style: Super Mario Bros, tetris, kerby to name a few)!

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80s rock, a perfect circle, after forever, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, all that remains, alternative, ancient history, arch enemy, audioslave, baking, beach, beauty, black, blue, chevelle, child development, chocolate, computers, concerts, cooking, corsets, cristina scabbia, cuddling, deftones, delain, descipable me, dinosaurs, disney, disturbed, dragonforce, ece, epica, family guy, fam{ily}, festivals, five finger death punch, food, glee, going to the park, gore, gothic art, gothic metal, graphic design, greek mythology, halloween, headbanging, heavy metal, history of the world, hockey, horror, horror movies, how to train dragon, hugs, icons, in flames, incubus, ipods, iron maiden, jeff dunham, johnny depp, judas priest, kamelot, killswitch engage, kisses, kissing, korn, lacuna coil, leaves eyes, life, listening to the radio, live journal, love, megadeth, megamind, mel brooks, metal, metalheads, metallica, midnattsol, monkeys, movies, mulan, music, nightwish, opeth, pandas, pantera, papa roach, pearl jam, penguins, photography, photoshop, piercings, pirate radio, pixels, power metal, princess bride, progressive metal, psychology, puppies, purple, quentin tarantino films, rage against the machine, road trips, rob zombie, robin hood, roses, seether, sevendust, sex, shopping, shrek, sirenia, skulls, slayer, sleeping, snuggles, sonata arctica, soundgarden, south park, spaceballs, special education, spooning, stars, sushi, symphonic metal, taking pictures, tattoos, teaching, technology, texting, the crow, the gathering, the offspring, the simpsons, tool, top chef, traveling, true blood, vampires, video games, within temptation, xandria, zombies, {★}, {☠}, {♥},
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